ASROCK is the company for building new, custom made drones. Our drones are made by specific orders of our customers. We make special designs, dedicated to every customer. We have been in the business for long already – more than 7 years. This is a lot for drone manufacturers. Drone industry has started evolving in the last 10 years.

Why are our drones special?

We specialize on making drones very durable and capable of taking real beating. This is why they are great for beginners as well as for those that plan to use them in difficult terrain where they might crash. This is also how our name came – our drones are hard AS ROCK. So if you value durability, you should definitely pay us a visit!

They float in air flawlessly

The prices

The prices of our drones vary greatly. It mostly depends on what you want to do with them. But we can guarantee that they are lower than any other competing drone. This is because custom design offers all the features for less money. This is done by cutting off on material and good planning beforehands.

Our drones have performed very well in the past. Our drone achieved 9th place on dronenationals racing. We are very proud of that.



Racing drones

We do not develop racing drones a lot, but sometimes we do it on request of the customer. Our experts can work on that. We suggest you to take clear notes on what exactly it is that you want.


Beginner drones

We are the best in that. We offer many constructions of drones for beginners. We can construct them for different people and for different purposes of learning. We are definitely the best in that aspect. Our drones are easy to control and fly, we also offer durability and quality materials. They are made after close discussion with our clients and they are dedicated to make the best experience of flying.


Surveillance drones

We do not really build surveillance drones. We understand that this is a pity, since they are very useful, but we decided to not add them into our basket of offers because of regulatory perspectives. You can easily find some surveillance drones for sale – in case you are looking for them, we recommend taking a peek at this resource.

Drones for kids

They could belong into beginner drones category. In general we are able to construct them, making sure that they are safe to play with and that kids can play with them as well. Safety here is first concern.


Stunt drones

We can help you create drones for stunts! We have done this in the past and our drones are great for that because they can take a beating. Following is the video of some stunts;


Mini and micro drones

We believe those drones can be good for beginners because they are cheaper to make and they can be very durable as well.